Liverpool Manager Suspiciously Putting An End To Rotation

If you thought that Fernando Torres was only playing every other game because Rafa Benitez was a squad-rotating nutter then, well, you’re only 99% right…

Benitez said,

“Torres is strong enough and he also has ability and good movement, so if the team is playing well he can manage with the physical game,” Benitez told the club’s official website.
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“I think Torres can produce good movement and it will be difficult to control him.

“He has been resting for one month so he is fresh and we can use him more often now.

“The key for me is when you have two games in a week, with only two or three days in between, it makes a big difference in how you play.

“But Torres is fit and we don’t have any problems about him playing two or three games now.”

Ah, so injury was the reason why Torres didn’t play many games in a row and not simply his managerial style. And the decision to now play him more certainly has nothing to do with rumoured pressure from the club’s American owners to get more out of their 28 million investment.

Next we’ll be hearing that Peter Crouch has finally recovered from some dental work, and will start playing more than once every blue moon.