Manchester City Are Ready To Nab Newcastle Star

The Daily Express have momentarily stropped using the gutter as a trough and are claiming that Sven is after his ol’ buddy Mickey Owen. The Express reports that Sven is ready to end Mickey’s injury nightmare, as if a move away from Newcastle will suddenly clear up the aches and pains emanating from his nether-regions. Having said that Mickey Owen has indulged in all sorts of weird stuff to cure his crotch – even having essential cockerel essences injected in his groin, so perhaps he is indulging in a spot of “Sven Therapy” to cure his groinal ills; although if Mickey followed Sven’s lead and did what the Swede does with his crotch he’d probably exacerbate the problem.
Express journo Tony Banks writes:

“Manchester City manager Eriksson, who is looking to add a new striker to his squad to cement his club’s fine first half of the season in his first year in control, is still close to Owen after the pair’s time together with England. The Swede has told the City board that Owen is top of his list of players he wants to bring to the club.”

So will Mickey be a success with Sven, or continue with this injury malarkey?