At Least Someone Still Thinks Tottenham’s Keeper Is Good

The entire Spurs squad has been under heavy fire this season and none more so than England’s #1.5, Paul Robinson, who has seen a few big gaffs, unconvincing performances and general inability to stock any long range shot tear his confidence and reputation asunder.

But since the arrival of Juande Ramos, Robinson actually looks considerably slimmer and has put in a few decent performances. But his quality was never in doubt from the man who made him the nation’s top keeper in the first place,

“There is no doubt Paul Robinson is a top-class keeper,” said Sven Goran Eriksson.

“He is a modern goalkeeper. He can use his feet, he is a very good kicker of the ball. He is steady and very professional.

“In one-on-one situations, he is very big. For sure, he is one of the best goalkeepers in the country. But whether he plays for England is someone else’s problem.”

We like that last bit. He may as well have said “I really don’t give two sh*ts, I’m not England’s bitch no more suckas!”.