Fergie Ensures That Manchester United Will Never Get Rid Of Him

The Lord of The Ferg has ensured that his reign at Man Utd won’t come to an end when he relinqishes his Old Trafford throne. Any eventual successor will have to put up with S’Alex lingering about Old Trafford like a Shakesperian ghost, and Ferguson has made it clear that he’ll be eager to dispense lots of nuggets of advice – so the poor sod that takes over after Fergie will still, have Fergie’s belligerent views to deal with.
Fergie said that when he does hang up his managerial trenchcoat, he’ll hang around as a director of football, and insisted he wouldn’t be intrusive, Fergie said :

“I will have a position at the club but not as director of football – possibly a role that (director) Bobby Charlton has now..Sir Bobby is not an intrusive person but he is always there for help and advice. And I think that’s the right way.From the first day I became manager he was always here to support me. But whoever gets the job will find it hard.The most important person at United is the manager. And whoever comes in will realise that.”

So it looks like the Fergster will be very hard to shake…