Reading 3-1 Liverpool: Is This One Finally Benitez’s Fault? Or The Ref?

Rafa Benitez’ position at Liverpool has been fiercely defended by the majority of the club’s fans, especially in the face of the tyrannical rule of their American owners. Excuses were made left and right – rotation works, he hasn’t had enough to spend, a gypsy cursed him for parking in a handicap space. Basically, we’ve yet to see anyone doubt Rafa who hasn’t been subsequently beaten with shoes in a public place.

But after again making sweeping changes across the side who so soundly beat Bolton 4-0, presumably in preparation for Tuesday’s all-important Champions League clash with Marseille, plenty of questions will be asked.

However, Rafa may again be let off the hook as Liverpool had a number of bad decisions go against them from referee Andre Mariner. Reading’s first goal from a penalty looked doubtful while the Reds had two good shouts of their own turned down.

So, as poor a result as this is, is it time to put some blame on Rafa or does the referee’s performance give him another stay of execution?