Jose Has Special Plans For His ‘Club England”

The Guardian report that if Jose Mourinho does get the England job, he wont go for some no-name goon as his assistant but will instead opt for a “prominent ex-England international.”
Mourinho’s informal discussions with the FA heated up on Friday when his agent delivered a bulging dossier on the improvements that could be made to the England team. The Guardian claims that Mourinho will try and use the tactical blueprint that he used at Chelsea and Porto to such success, basically turning the England set up from a dull turd, into a shining golden nugget. The Guardian claims that:

“Mourinho’s ‘Club England’ concept would utilise the advanced tactical training and scouting methods he used to such success at Chelsea and FC Porto, where he won 10 major trophies in five seasons. Detailed information on opponents and tactical discipline from a squad of players judged purely on their ability to contribute to the team would be employed to improve performances and dissipate the destructive star culture of recent campaigns.”

In addition Mourinho will want to sort out the England medical team, opting to give them permanent staff rather than just nabbing Arsenal’s doc every time a game comes up… So Mourinho is the man with a plan, but will he actually sign?