No One Gives Manchester United Star Any Credit

In yesterday’s vicious 4-1 bashing of Derby County, Manchester United winger Giggs scored 100 league goals for the club, but not only was this milestone not announced, but after the game Rio Ferdinand claimed that Giggs doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Rio told the BBC:

“I think he’s a fantastic footballer, I don’t think he gets the credit he deserves as a player for what he has achieved…He’s probably one of the best players I’ve played with, if not the best, and continues to go from strength to strength. He will be appreciated more when he’s retired. When we go abroad he’s respected a lot more in foreign countries than in this country.

So will we miss the 34 year old when he retires, and is he a victim of having a quiet private life, and not playing for England. Rio continued his gripe, saying:

“When people throw names around saying someone’s done this or done that for the Premier League, he very rarely gets mentioned. It’s a shame we are not appreciating a player who’s been the most successful footballer of our generation probably.”

Ryan Giggs, the prototype of a skillful, classy winger – but starting to be taken for granted?