England’s Second Chance Steve To Be Replaced By 3rd Or 4th Choice Goons.

With the FA’s dithering and fumbling only eclipsed by Mourinho’s indecision whilst wittering on about how much he’d like the job – the Daily Star reckons that the race for the England job will turn into a head-to-head joust between two Italians, Fabio Capello and Marcello Lippi.Both the Capello and Lippi camps have been sounded out about the Three Lions position after they publicly admitted they were up for it.
And with Mourinho deciding to saunter off to AC Milan, and O’Neill definitely ruling himself out now that he would obviously be only second choice, this whole circus is turning into a rancid quagmire. FA spokesman Adrian Bevington tried to put a positive slant on all this by saying:

“A lot of progress has been made already. We are fully on track and we will not be caught cold. We are determined to get the right calibre of man, someone who has a real success record in football.”

So it looks like second chance Steve will ultimately be replaced by third or fourth choice Fabio or Marcello. Nice.