Liverpool Will Look For A New Manager If This Week Doesn’t Go To Plan.

The Times’ multi-headed journalistic hydra; Russell Kempson and Oliver Kay report that:

“It is possible to over dramatise every issue in football, but for BenÍtez, the Liverpool manager, this week could decide his future. Displays on the pitch – as well as crucial discussions off it – are likely to determine whether the stubborn Spaniard continues to call the tune at Anfield”

Tuesday’s Champions League match against Marseilles clearly eclipsed the Premier League game against reading on Saturday in terms of importance, Manager Rafa Benitez said after his boys 3-1 defeat:

“Tuesday is like a cup final, not like Reading, where you can resign yourself to losing three points,”

And in that one sentence Rafa implied that it is a one or the other approach that Liverpool have to the Premier League and Champions League, something that will wind up Liverpool fans no end. And the fact that Rafa limply resigned three points to Reading (hardly an Old Trafford-esque fortress of doom) indicates that for all the rotation guff, Liverpool still don’t have enough players to stand astride both competitions, his Yank paymasters will not approve…