Should Manchester United Star Be Booted Out?

Daily Express journos reckon that Man Utd striker Louis Saha is starting to lose some sleep over the prospect that he could be shipped out for…well…basically being to injuries what Pablo Picasso is to cubism. Louis said:

“Many times I have felt that the injuries could cost me my place. Every time you are not playing you have doubts. When you are injured, it’s hard. I don’t think the fans have seen the best of me because I haven’t played long enough. My longest spell in the team was for six months in one season. That is not enough and I know I can improve on that. When you get injured it always takes time to get back properly and so it’s difficult to show my real potential.”

And you’vr got to feel for the lad, he’s 30 years old (well past it by Sven and Arsene’s standards), has a hatful of younger, fitter, and better strikers ahead of him in the Man Utd hierarchy, and the latest word on the street is that the Fergster is after yet another striker!