Birmingham’s McLeish Set For Spending Spree

Hey Big Spenderrrrrr!

It looks like Alex McLeish is going to be able to go shoulder to shoulder with the big boys this January – or at the very least compete with Derby and Wigan. For Birmingham owner David Gold has assured the Scot that he’ll have lots of moolah to fritter away.

With Carson Yeung’s phantom bid for the club slowly drifting off into the ether, co-owners Gold and David Sullivan are ready to pump McLeish’s regime full of transfer porn-profit love-juice. Gold said:

“Alex has identified certain areas of the side that need improving. Presuming we are still the incumbents at the time he wants to buy, then we will support the manager with squad strengthening.

“Alex had concerns about the takeover, as did we, but we were able to tell him when he came here that we felt that it only had a ten per cent chance of succeeding. We don’t think it will happen now, so we have had to assume we will be in charge when the January window opens – although we still cannot rule out the possibility of new owners.”

So who could be on his list, James McFadden perchance?