Liverpool Are Literally Weaker This Season

One of the less talked about figures at every football club is the assistant manager, despite the pivotal role that they often play. Rafa Benitez’ right hand man, Pako Ayestrian, left the club in a strop earlier in the season and former player Boudiauafdyz Zenden has shed some light on just how much the club may be missing him,

“Pako had all the physical details of every single player,” said Zenden. “He’s the one who had all the answers and it showed when players were fatigued or at peak level.

“It’s something completely new the way we worked at Liverpool, although obviously you can’t measure the state of mind of a player with a computer.

“I always enjoyed working with Paco. He was someone who really knew his territory.

“Paco was one of the main figures behind Rafa and probably a big part of the success Benitez has had.

“I didn’t expect him to leave and I didn’t see it coming. He had a big influence and was very important to us and they had worked together for such a long time.

“Paco was the one who did all the physical work, the one who measured all the strength work, all the stamina work, had all the computer details, and he was on the pitch every day.

“I valued him a lot. I worked with him for two years and I worked with him likely nobody else on that level.”

So basically they lost their fitness Nazi. No doubt Benitez has tried to cover for his bald little friend but if Pako was as good as Boudiziuvaeyn Zenden is making him out to be, a loss is certainly being felt at Anfield. Of all the criticisms of Liverpool this season, we haven’t heard that they’ve been any less fit. So do you think the club are missing Pako or are there bigger problems that need solving?