Liverpool Star Looking To Leave In January

There’s an old adage “When it rains, it pours”. There’s also one about lots of buses coming along at the same time or something. Regardless, both apply to football very well as Tottenham would attest to earlier in the season.

For Liverpool, the growing snowball of doom is just starting to roll down the hill and the latest problem is Momo “I look like Vieira, but I’m a lot crapper than him” Sissoko is upset,

“It is in France, all my family are there and they wanted to see me on the pitch,” he stormed to RMC.

“It is a difficult time. I am good enough to play in this team.

“It’s the manager’s decision. I respect it but I will discuss this in January.

“I will make an assessment with my agents and the manager. I have been asking myself that question for a while.

“I accept healthy competition but to play one match every five does not interest me.”

The notion of playing someone in an incredibly important match because his mum and dad might be there to watch him probably isn’t a good reason. And as far as we can tell Liverpool fans have knocked Sissoko from “Underrated and promising” to “Useless and not improving” within the last year, so his discontent and potential departure probably isn’t giving them too many sleepless nights.