Manchester United Row Puts Cloud Over Latest Mega Transfer

The Guardian reckonthe pre-ordained move of Miguel Veloso from Sporting Lisbon to Manchester United could now be off, ruining the young Portuguese scamps of engaging in footballing foreplay at The Theatre of Dreams. According to The Guardian, a spat between Carlos Queiroz and Sporting Lisbon has now reached such heated levels that the Veloso move could be run aground.

It looks like Sporting’s relationship with Queiroz turned sour when they deemed that he was sniffing around Veloso slightly too much. The Lisbon club’s chairman, Filipe Soares Franco, said:

“Sporting do not reply to insults. He [Queiroz] just launches insults and does not accept being criticised, he is vain.”

Added to this was a less than complementary official statement from Sporting Lisbon that read:

“We are the major Portuguese sporting strength and Carlos Queiroz is now persona non grata at Sporting. People have the right to express themselves but he did [it] too much and attacked the chairman Filipe Soares Franco.

The club do not want to waste time on this person. [However] this decision will not affect the good relations between Sporting and Manchester United.”

And what of Queiroz himself? The Man Utd man said:

“The Sporting president accused me of trying to approach a player [Miguel Veloso] illegally and having a low moral and ethical code. These are grave accusations but, nevertheless, despite the personal slurs, this is something to be resolved between the clubs.”

So, the club hates Carlos. Carlos hates the club. But it sounds like that won’t get in the way of fat wads of cash changing hands.