Marseille Ready To Bash Liverpool With Kisses

A big match beckons for both Marseille and Liverpool in their Champions League showdown tonight, but instead of standing nose to nose and verbally bashing their Scouse guests, Marseille might try a glorified game of kiss-chase. The French club’s tough-as-nails manager Eric Gerets, described by The Independent as ‘a brutally effective full-back’ during the 70s and 80s, has today shown his other side. Gerets is quoted as saying:

“When you’ve something to say to a player, you do it in private. You talk to him for two or three minutes. You give him a little kiss, You take him in your arms and you say: ‘You’re at Marseille because you have talent. It is my job to make you a more complete player… You have to realise that I may be hard sometimes but I love you’.”

Hmmm, a far cry from Rafa’s icy cold “Nice hattrick, now consider yourself rotated” treatment of his players, but will Liverpool be able to stand up to this onslaught of kisses or will they instead crash into a fate worse than death, the UEFA Cup?