96% of William Gallas fans think Arsenal won’t beat Chelsea

It is the ultimate concession to a bulging footballer’s ego, their own website. Although clearly intended to be a shrine for worshipful fans sometimes it can prove to be a breeding ground for detractors too. Witness Arsenal’s William Gallas and his nifty self named website; which has a poll question asking if the “Gunners will beat Chelsea?” – embarrassingly when you vote you are given the results…96% (and rising…) of ‘fans’ visiting this site think that Arsenal will lose to Chelsea, and bizarrely – defying mathematics – only 3% think that they’ll win – who knows what black vortex the other 1% were sucked in to…

Ok, so this is probably Spurs and Chelsea fans trying to cause trouble, but it is a bit of an embarrassment when you set up a site for Willi Gallasy fans, and instead it is a breeding ground for opposition, with 96% of peeps reckoning you’ll get smashed by your city rivals…either that or Arsenal fans have become very depressed after their recent slump.


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