FROM THE TERRACES: A Critique Of The FA Numbskulls

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This time, Darryn gives us his views on Mourinho.

Jose Mourinho turns down the England Job. What a shocker.

We all sit an our armchairs and wonder what fantastic offer Jose must have from Inter or Real or AC – and yet we seem to ignore the absolute truth slapping us all in our faces . . . The English FA.

The problem is in England we have an FA so far removed from it’s public that Stalin or Hitler would have breathed outwards with pride. Let us review the evidence.

1. The F.A is led by a group of people who know very little (if anything) about football – a governing body that has no technical or management experience of the very thing it governs . . .

2. The F.A is a global laughing stock. Former industrialists who ruled with a fist of iron in industries that dominated by fear and price – never opportunity and value.

And therefore I have a few questions . . .

Why is Brian Barwick leading the search for a new England Manager?
What qualifications does he have to recruit the elite football coach in English Football?
What credentials do any of the F.A have to lead our premier sport?
Why are the F.A only employing old people?
Are they all members of the same lodge?

And we wonder why Mourinho says no?

If you were Jose what would you do? I certainly would not look to progress my career under a bunch of imperialist dinosaurs? I am sure this makes Capello perfect!