Ramos Wants To Spend Big And Restore The Glory Year(s) To Tottenham

Tottenham boss is ready and waiting for the transfer window to open up, and cannot wait to bag some new players, with defence and goalkeeping being his twin priorities. Added to Ledley King’s long layoff is Gareth Bale’s ankle nackering which will probably force the Welshman out for three months. Ramos isn’t prepared to wait for his cripples to return from injury, and he wouldn’t mind replacing Robinson either, and The Sun reports that Ramos has had Ajax ‘keeper Maarten Stekelenburg watched.
Ramos bemoaned his teams current state saying: “The fact is that the team is in a lot of discomfort. This is generating a lot of doubt and little confidence in the players and this is the first thing that must be changed. It is certain that most of our problems are in the defensive area. It’s not easy. I can make a few changes, but not change the whole group. We’re looking at one player in the transfer window to strengthen a certain position. Tottenham have fought for Champions League places in previous seasons. I can’t explain their current position but that’s the reality and we will work to change the situation.”

But Ramos, looking on the positive side, said he wants to restore the glory year(s) to Tottenham. Ramos said:

“The most important thing is to restore the team’s confidence.It is important they have self-belief. If we get out of the bottom we can start to think about Europe. I can’t hide my dream to take Tottenham back to their glory days and have them held in the same light as Liverpool, Arsenal or Manchester.”

So in a nutshell, Robbo out…Dutch bloke in…Confidence restored…Glory Year(s) return!