Agony of Manchester United Fans Stabbed In Rome

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Italian football has been under immense scrutiny over the past few years following match fixing, political clashes and also immense fan violence. Now, after Serie A public relations officials attempted to dissolve the prejudice towards the Italian league, five Manchester United fans have been stabbed after the Roma v Manchester United Champions League match.

A spokeswoman for the British Foreign Office revealed: “The injuries ranged from stab wounds to broken wrists and being worse for wear from alcohol.”

The British Embassy also revealed that six other British fans were detained after a fight broke out on the Pont Duca d’Aosta bridge, which fans cross over to get to Rome’s Stadio Olimpico.

Sir Alex Ferguson also had something to say:

“This is something we hoped would not happen. We wanted a nice quiet night and to be able to go home with no incident. It is disappointing that has not happened. Obviously, we are not sure of the details but we hope the supporters concerned will be OK.”

Meanwhile, Roma manager Luciano Spalletti condemned the actions of the hooligans as “sick”.

Has hooliganism come to far? Could films such as Football Factory and Green St Hooligans be to blame? Surely FIFA has to do something about this, not just the Italians. What should we do?