Are Chelsea really that scary?

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After manfully gettting an admirable 1-1 draw with Manchester United, Roma coach Luciano Spalletti was asked about his thought in the impending Champions League Draw, his response? Anyone but Chelsea basically! Spalletti said:

“If I could choose, I would avoid a meeting in the next round with Chelsea, but in any case, we will have to accept the rival that the draw will give us.When one arrives at this stage of the competition it’s always difficult and there’s always the risk that you can give a bad image. I will await with calmness the draw.”

So what exacty is so scary about Chelsea? Stamford Bridge defender Alex seems to know, he thinks that Chelsea are slowly getting back on track after the Mourinho derailment and are building up a huge head of steam. Alex said:

“It was very difficult.There was great confusion for everybody. We were all very used to Mourinho and he was a great man who helped me a great deal.Obviously he spoke Portuguese and helped me to adapt my game but Avram Grant is also very helpful and ready to talk, it’s just different.There was a great deal of confusion and it did make a difference.”We lost points, particularly at home with some draws, but gradually we are creeping up and keeping in touch with the leaders, which is the most important thing.”

So its pretty obvious Chelsea are at getting back on course, but are they really such a menacing thought that managers can pick them out of a lineup of huge clubs and claim they want anyone but Chelsea in the Champions League draw?