Derby Boss Is Ready And Waiting For Middlesbrough

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With three new managers coming in to the vacant Derby County, Birmingham, and Wigan slots is can’t have come as much of a surprise to new Derby manager Paul Jewell when the camera’s were more focussed on his facial expressions than what was actually going on on the pitch – a poor Jewell’s face, on conceded a last minute winner, was visibly seen to switch from doggedly optimistic to bloody depressed.
Jewell has obviously been marshalling his boys in training and is confident of an improved performance against Gunner-slayers Middlesbrough.Jewell told the BBC:

“I came in two days before Sunderland and we were probably under prepared and the Man U game was always going to be difficult.But I’ve had a full week at it and we’ve got to get something.”

So Boro need to watch out, Arsenal may have been a soft touch, but Derby will eat you alive at Pride Park!