Everton Every Bit As Stylish As Arsenal

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Everton won 2-1 away to West Ham yesterday, propelling them to the semi finals of the Carling Cup for the first time since 1988, and opening up the possibility of winning a trophy they have never lifted in their history. Yakubu’s winner right at the business end of this game proved decisive, but it was Everton’s performance in the first half that had Moyes purring….and comparing them to Arsen….wha…!?! Yep, don’t adjust your monitors, the Moyesiah compared his boys to Arsenal!
Moyes said:

‘What was good was the manner in which we won it. We’ve won a game against a very good West Ham side and this was our third game away from home in this competition. I think if Arsenal had played the way we did in the first half you would have been talking about it. I’d have talked about the first goal we scored. I don’t know how many passes were involved in the mood, but it was a very good goal.’

So is it right to compare Everton’s performance to the stylish skills of Arsenal, or was Moyes just getting high off the fumes of Everton’s Carling success.