Grant claims his Chelsea are more attractive than Jose’s

After all the controversy at the time of Jose Mourinho’s sacking we are finding it difficult to notice the changes in the Chelsea set up. They are still winning games consistently if not as spectacularly as Arsenal and Man Utd, they are just not being as loud about it. Right? Wrong, according to Avram Grant in the Guardian.

Avram Grant maintains that Chelsea are playing more attractive football than under his predecessor, Jose Mourinho. The manager banged the drum yet again for his “different way” in the aftermath of the goalless Champions League draw with Valencia on Tuesday night, detailing “the new way of training, the new way of messages” and concluding that “the future is very bright for Chelsea”.

The new way of messages? That’s right Avram has bought everyone at Chelsea an i-phone for Christmas. Don’t ruin the surprise Avram! But the real surprise will be if Chelsea play Arsenal off the park on Sunday (check out that seamless link). Will they do it with the startling football that Avram has been watching, or will they resort to the much more sensible physical tactics of Newcastle and Middlesbrough?