Liverpool star ready to spank Manchester United

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The Sun’s Phil Thomas reckons that Liverpool will be ready and waiting for the Lord of the Ferg and his Man Utd boys on Sunday, after beating convincingly beating Marseilles 4-0. In fact the Champions League victory over Marseilles was so emphatic that Pepe Reina spent most of the night yawning, and he didn’t have a save of note to make. And now Reina had increased confidence about the Man Utd game, Pepe said:

“We certainly have a lot of confidence about Sunday now.We know we must be ready for United but it could be a great game in front of our own fans — and we expect to win.

“We have one of the best teams in Europe, although there are some tough teams in the Premier League and it’s a lot more difficult this year.

“At Reading last week we saw that anyone can beat anyone else at the moment. Chelsea, Arsenal and United are in really good form and it’s very difficult to finish ahead of them in the long term.

“But the Premier League is a long race and we want to keep the momentum going.”

Hasn’t Pepe forgotten about one thing though? Last week’s Reading game!