The Premier League Treats Arsenal Worse Than Liverpool

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger reckons that the fixture list is making things much tougher for Arsenal than for their rivals.The Frenchman is more than a tad miffed about the fact that Arsenal had to play their game in hand against Newcastle last week but Liverpool – who also had a game in hand – out their feet up during the midweek fixtures.
In the programme notes for Arsenal’s Champions League game against Steaua Bucharest Wenger wrote:

“I’m not saying Middlesbrough didn’t play well – they deserved their victory – but I also think it was unfair to force us to play three away games in the league in one week,”

“The Newcastle game was rearranged from earlier in the season, and we were told it was the only date it could be played but why wasn’t Liverpool’s rearranged game played then? They still have that game in hand.”

So are Arsenal being singled out for unfair treatment, or is winter Premier League paranoia setting in for Arsene?