Watford Midfielder’s Deportation Dilemma

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There’s a very trendy belief that there are too many foreigners in the English game but wotcha gonna do about it? Complain to your friends in the pub like Harry Enfield’s self-righteous brothers? Boo any player who doesn’t produce a UK passport when he runs onto the pitch? Or nothing?

Well, while most people have chosen the final option the Home Office have an idea all of their own. Deport them. Or at least one of them – Watford midfielder Al Bangura. He’s not very happy about it though, and he’s not alone.

Bangura’s appeal against deportation to Sierra Leone has been backed by the world representative organisation for professional players. The 19-year-old is contesting the decision and has been supported by Stephane Burchkalter, secretary general of FIFpro’s African division.

He told Watford’s website: “Football must play its part as an engine of integration and we back their appeal. We expect the government to favour the spirit of the law.”

And he has a point. Look what has happened to Al:

Born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, he fled the country upon the death of his father. His father was a member of the Poro Secret Society, and tradition stated that his son must join upon his death. Not wanting to, he went to Guinea where he met a Frenchman, who took him to France and intended to make Bangura a male prostitute. When the man took him to England, he sought asylum.

Coming over here, avoiding death and prostitution, being a good midfielder. It makes you sick; these foreigners think they can get away with anything. Well, we’ve had enough, let’s get rid of them all and then we can get on with winning the World Cup. That’s the theory, right?