West Ham Complain About Everton Dirtiness

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While Curbishley’s opposite number was comparing his boys playing style to high-flying Arsenal – such was their class and panache; West Ham boss Curbs belched out some accusations that suggested that Everton were more Wimbledon circa 1996 than Arsenal circa 2007. After his teams 2-1 loss, suffering the indignity of conceding a last minute goal, Curbishley was obviously in a rotten mood. Curbs said of Everton’s supposedly overly physical style:

‘It is the professional things. The players were going up with their arms, putting us off balance and getting their bodies across us. I’m not saying that every time that’s a foul but if you see the challenge for the second goal, Ashton is clearly pushed and the referee was about five yards away.’

Moyes meanwhile, having already confessed he fancies his team as an Arsenal of the north was more busy trying not to get too excited about still being in four competitions in December; Moyes said:

‘We’ve never been here before but we’ve got a stronger squad, I’m not going mad, we’ve only won a quarter-final. You’ll have to beat one of the top teams to win the Cup and at the moment the best we have is a semi-final.’

So are Everton dirty gits, or the Arsenal of the north west?