Is Middlesbrough’s Manager Right to Question Fabio Capello Deal?

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It appears that the vast majority of England fans would prefer their manager to be someone who’s ‘right for the job’, even if it happens to be a foreigner. While nobody can doubt the credentials of Fabio Capello (his silverware cabinet can attest to that), isn’t it defeating the object of international football when you start appointing Swedes and Italians to take charge of the national team?

Middlesbrough manager Gareth Southgate certainly thinks so, as reported in The Times. It’s good to see a Premier League manager having the courage to speak out against this wrongdoing. He said:

“What is the point of international football? I feel it should be our players, our manager, our coach, our kit man and our faith healer, against the best of the rest of the world. I don’t see the point of having a national team, with a national anthem and patriotism and a foreign coach. It might as well be club football.”

If Capello can manage the England national team, then why can’t Cannavaro play in defence? Is Cristiano Ronaldo now eligible to switch from Portugal so we can have him terrorising opponents’ defences? Although it’s within the rules to appoint a foreign manager, the FA are still essentially cheating simply because they can afford to pay a top-class coach millions of pounds a year to manage the England team.