Manchester United boss determined to break Liverpool’s trophy records

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Watch Manchester United live online 

Liverpool currently hold the record for the most top flight title wins – that of eighteen – however Sir Alex Ferguson’s club are only 2 behind the record holders. Liverpool’s triumph came from decades long long ago – having not won an English Premier League title since the Premiership reformed in 1992. Manchester United are leading in FA Cup wins, with 11, yet Mr Ferguson is not quite satisfied.

He said:

“We have won the FA Cup more times than anyone (11) so you get a certain pride in that and it’s the same for Liverpool,”

“They have won the title more times than anyone and they’ll be proud of that.

“The chase will always be on to be number one in your country. For us there is an expectation and for Liverpool there is an expectation and I hope before I leave we can get to that position.”

Despite Liverpool winning their fifth Champions League trophy in 2005, Sir Alex Ferguson, rightfully, acclaims that domestic success define the quality of a team.

“Winning the league is without question the barometer of our game,”

Is Ferguson right? If European success is merely a bastard step-child to the league title then maybe it explains what all the gnashing of teeth is about whenever Rafa slips up against the likes of Reading. Then again, Liverpool can still hold their heads up high as the best of the domestic best even if Benitez isn’t getting the job done just yet.