More English Players Should Try Playing In Italy And Spain, Says Arsenal’s Fabregas

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Arsenal’s Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabregas has declared that English players need to look beyond their own homeland for football success. Fabregas, who was signed from Barcelona in his teens, believes British players should explore the opportunities available in Spain and Italy in regards to their professional career. He said:

“I don’t see a lot of English players taking the risk to go out of the country to try to fight for their chance. It looks like they are comfortable where they are and that is it.

“For me, I had to leave my country to fight for my life and my chance and my dream. Sometimes that is what you have to do, but I don’t see a lot of English players going to Spain or Italy.

“Sometimes you have to take a step back to go one forward and sometimes they are just comfortable with what they have.”

Asked whether they (British players) would be welcomed in Spain, Fabregas responded:

“Definitely, why not?

“There are amazing players and amazing talent in England. If they had the chance to go to another country and they could do it, there would be more English players who are great.”

Has he got a point? Or are British players achieving the best opportunities here in England?