Arsenal Boss Shows Why He Was A Crap Footballer

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It’s well known that legendary Premier League bosses like Sir Alex, Rafa Benitez, Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger were average players at best and utter embarrassments at worst, and Arsene Wenger has given a little insight into why while heaping praise on his match-winning captain,

‘He pops up when you need it. He is a leader and that is the best definition of a leader. When you need it he shows the example. He did that against Manchester United in the last seconds. It shows he is a winner.

‘I’m not sure I would have jumped behind Cech because I think I would have thought he would have taken the ball.

‘Arsenal is a special club. William this season has taken that on board and he is completely the leader and represents how we want to behave.

‘He is transformed completely, does a lot of things with the team but also off the pitch which are great for the club.’

Gallas has indeed proved a vital signing with key goals helping Arsenal to the top of the table. Nothing was more heartwarming than seeing him try to say something meaningful to Gael Clichy after the game while awarding him the man-of-the-match bottle of champagne.

In a team that still has a lot to learn, Arsenal may have found a proper armband-wielding replacement for Patrick Vieira to lead them forward.