Chelsea Escapee Lassana Diarra Confirms He Wants To Leave Arsenal

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The hot transfer story now is that ‘next Makelele’ Lassana Diarra is already to leave Arsenal after finding himself suffering exactly the same lack of chances as he did at Chelsea,

“We’re halfway through December, and I’ve decided: I want to leave Arsenal. The bottom line is the coach doesn’t need me,” Diarra told Sunday’s edition of L’Equipe.

“They don’t want me. I don’t understand, because I’ve got more value in the French national team.”

“When I signed for Arsenal I was made promises by the people who recruited me,” he added.

“But since the start of the season the only matches I’ve been involved in have been low-key, and to be honest I’m getting fed up with it.

“With Mister Wenger, there’s no problem whatsoever. I’m not going to criticise him or speak badly of him. I’m not the kind of person who creates problems.

“But I signed for Arsenal because I was led to believe I was going to be playing, and there would be healthy competition (for a spot). That hasn’t been the case.”

A true scrapper and maybe not quite the model example of playing the “Arsenal way”, we wonder if Arsenal will miss him given it seems Flamini and Gilberto are still ahead in the pecking order with Diarra relegated to Carling Cup duty.

Won’t be short of offers for the young lad, though, as he’d shore up virtually all of the Premier League clubs, although we’re guessing a move to a top club in France or Italy might be more likely.