Strange Rumblings At Liverpool

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And I’m not talking about the bulldozers for the new stadium, although that is one of the issues at work here. Seems the on-again, off-again plans for Stanley Park are now on again. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it will be at the expense of new signings in the January transfer window. So says The Mail on Sunday, reporting that Liverpool’s American owners will communicate this to Rafael Benitez today.

Far from acquiring players next month as Benitez had hoped (or demanded?), it looks like the Reds will be an exporter; Javier Mascherano is rumoured to be on his way to Juventus, Inter Milan or Barcelona. Goalkeeper Pepe Reina has been linked to Atletico Madrid and striker Peter Crouch to Aston Villa. If that weren’t enough, Italian press reports say Xabi Alonso is a priority for Juventus–though not until season-end.

It’s no open secret that Tom Hicks and George Gillett made overtures – twice – to Fabio Capello at around the same time the English FA did. The American pair are said to be enamoured with Jurgen Klinsmann as well.

Will Rafa blow his top now? Should he?