Birmingam’s Forssell and McLeish in love match!

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The Mikael Forssell-Alex McLeish love-in continues! First Forssell flatteringly compared his new boss to Jose Mourinho. And now ‘The Scottish One’ has reciprocated with saccharine adulation, claiming that he tried to buy Forssell while up at Rangers.
McLeish said:

“I tried to buy him when he went back to Chelsea after being with Birmingham for his first season on loan…We were kind of keen to gazump Birmingham at the time. I think he had such affection for the club that he wanted to come back.

“I know (recently deposed Finland manager) Roy Hodgson pretty well and he rates him highly. And we got an international-type performance from Mikael on Saturday. We need to keep him fit for the entire season; he will be very important. He could be a big player for us.”

Forssell showed his appreciation after just four minutes with a lighting-quick goal against Reading. Forssell and McLeish – a match made in heaven?