Sorensen packs his bags with anti-O’Neill rant.

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Aston Villa ‘keeper Thomas Sorensen has lashed out at his gaffer Martin O’Neill, not only for shipping in a replacement when he was injured; but also for cruelly dropping him after the press exaggerated some of the goalie’s statements…
Sorensen said:

“I am simply not interested any more. Villa have shown that they have no interest whatsoever to invest in me. Even if Martin O’Neill personally offered me a new contract tomorrow I wouldn’t sign it. Martin O’Neill decided to recruit a new goalkeeper when I was injured. He then told me during a meeting that I shouldn’t take my spot for granted. I said some things and the press exaggerated what had been said and that upset him. But I can’t believe that would be a reason to punish me this way.”

And as for where Sorensen will play next season, he’s pretty much open to anything, apart from the J-League that is:

“At this point I am open to all suggestions. If somebody shows me a contract, I will sign it, no matter what the offer is. But at the same time I don’t want to play temporarily for some Japanese club either.”

Will Sorensen be missed, or is it good riddance to a moany git?

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