Jamie Carragher in dire need of a sense of humor?

The Sun today leads with the headline: “Carragher’s War On Terrace”, apparently there were a group of Luton fans who dressed up as the scousers from the famous Harry Enfield sketches and taunted poor Carra throughout the game. And after the match, when our erstwhile scouse hero was warming-down they hurled more abuse at him. The Sun’s Richard White and Alex West eagerly report that:

“Ex-England player Carragher first shouted at the fans, who were in a box on the terraces, from the pitch. But then he leapt up a fence to confront them.

“Carragher, 29, screamed obscenities and yelled: ‘Come on – let’s have it!’ Security guards had to drag him away.”

The mind boggles at why Luton fans would taunt millionaire Carragher and his teammates for drawing with a team that is bankrupt and about a trillion league places lower than them. We at COS applaud you Mr Carragher!

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