Jamie Carragher pines for “The Liverpool Way”

With all the malarkey going off the pitch at Liverpool – something Guardian journo Andy Hunter describes as “the latest foot-in-mouth outbreak to affect the Liverpool co-chairman” – the average fan can be forgiven for feeling a little glum. And Jamie Carragher – a man who typifies the everyman Liverpool supporter – echoes these feelings; Carragher said:

“It is not just me thinking that, ask any fan.
“It’s not the way we have done things in the past. You want the Liverpool Way to continue because we have to pull together and focus on what we have going for us at the moment, such as the FA Cup and the Champions League.”

And when asked if Rafa and his American overlords are the men to deliver the long awaited title to Anfield, Carragher replied:

“Only time will tell, I haven’t got a clue. It doesn’t look like it is going to be this season. The manager has done very well here but the league is the one we want. We are not stupid. You never throw the towel in, but for us to get back into contention for the title we would have to have an unbelievable second half to the season and the rest would have to have an unbelievably bad second half.”

It looks like morale is low within the Liverpool camp, and that everyone is starting to feel destabilised by Rafa’s loon American paymasters….How long can this go on for?

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