Put the rumours to bed…Crouchigol is staying put!

Peter Crouch wants to slice through all the transfer wittering and guff like a hot knife through butter. The Liverpool Echo today reports that Crouchigol isn’t frantically looking for another club, and is very settled at Liverpool. Crouch boomed:

“Everyone talks about me talking to clubs. Maybe it’s because I’m not playing every game.
“But at a club like Liverpool you’re not going to play every game.

“I’ve come to realise that this is the case at a club like this, whereas at somewhere else maybe you would play every game.

“But here we are competing for things and I certainly want to be a part of winning trophies.”

As for reported interest from Man City and Portsmouth; Crouch hasn’t heard anything:

“I’ve not heard anything, no-one’s approached the club and no- one’s approached me.

“There’s a lot of speculation and, like I’ve said, that probably comes down to the fact that I’m not playing every game. But hopefully if I get a good run of games towards the end of the season then those rumours will go away.”

So will all the above finally put the miasma of mephitic rumours to bed?

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