Will Owen to gel under Keegan?

Much has been made of Michael Owen’s disgruntlement when he was paying under Kevin Keegan for the England national team but England legend Alan Shearer is having none of it. In an interview to Sky Sports, Shearer clearly delineates that if anything, Owen will actually relish playing under Keegan at Newcastle United.

Shearer is confident that the Owen-Keegan partnership will bear fruits as the season progresses. Shearer says that centre forwards always enjoy playing to Keegan’s fluid tune and that Owen will be no exception.

Shearer says:

They are both adults and what was said in the past won’t be a problemthink Michael wanted to play more games while Keegan was in charge of England – everyone does. But that is all over. I am sure Michael will love playing in a Kevin Keegan side because it will be designed to go forward, get balls into the box and score goals. And there are very few players better than Michael at putting the ball in the net. Newcastle haven’t created a great deal of chances for him since he came to the club. But as long as he stays fit all that is about to change.

Owen was quite critical of Keegan in his autobiography and stated clearly at the time that he didn’t enjoy playing under him. But as Sharer says, both have matured and surely the partnership will work.

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