Keegan knows what Newcastle fans really really want

Is anyone else getting a bit peeved by the notion that Newcastle United are a ‘special club’ and that people from outside the city don’t understand them? What exactly is there to misunderstand? Big ground, big fanbase, average team, high expectations – isn’t that about the sum of it? And all this talk of ‘we’d rather win 4-3 than 1-0’ might sound romantic but what happens if you’re losing matches 4-3 instead and sinking further down the table?

The ‘fireworks’ start today with Newcastle hosting Bolton. The Guardian report that Kevin Keegan is ready to deliver to the Geordie masses.

“I know this club,” Keegan said, when invited to compare himself with his rivals for the job. “I’m not saying others don’t. But I know it inside out and back to front. I know it as a player and as a manager. I know what the fans want.

“This is not a normal club. That’s what people who’re not from the area don’t understand. I think I’m the best qualified person to do this job and take on this challenge, to be honest with you. Loads of people would have wanted to do it. But nobody knows this club better than I do.”

What exactly is a normal club and how does Newcastle differ? Answers on a postcard.

Watch Bolton live online

Watch Newcastle live online

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