Villarreal want changes in La Liga

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Fixture congestion in Europe is always a major headache for all the clubs in the major domestic leagues in the top half of the table. In Spain especially where the hibernation period is only for two weeks and business resumes with the Copa Del Rey ties rearing their heads as soon as the year commences, this issue has long been acknowledged yet somehow the LFP, Spain’s league football governing body, hasn’t quit come up with a plan to stop the rot.

But now the clubs are starting to take the initiative. reports that Villarreal, who are currently chasing a UEFA Champions league berth, are contemplating to make an official proposal to the LFP to change the Spanish league format.

What Villarreal basically want is this: reduce the number of teams in the Spanish top flight from 20 to 18 so that there are 4 weekends off and then you can start the new season early if you want (since the season would end early too).

Villarreal Sporting Director José Manuel Llaneza is also keen on convincing the Spanish Football League (LFP) to scrap the Christmas break altogether since during the fortnight, the players still continue to play football as clubs go on tour matches. To a certain extent, this is true but it is ironic indeed that in England, where there is no Christmas break, a considerable section of the football community want a Christmas break.

Well, somehow this all shows that the other side of the hedge always looks greener. And it is unlikely that the LFP will pay much heed to Villarreal’s proposals.

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