Liverpool fans erupt with rage at Gillett and Hicks!

Before last night’s match between Liverpool and Aston Villa, there had been a great deal of speculation regarding a protest against Liverpool co-owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett. As the Daily Mail report today, nothing transpired on that front, although thousands of fans on the Kop made their feelings known throughout the match.

Kevin Sampson from campaign group Reclaim the Kop said: “The fans want them (George Gillett and Tom Hicks) out unconditionally. It’s as simple as that. They are no good for us and no good for the club.

“As the world is seeing right now, Liverpool is the most welcoming city and its people are the most generous hosts you’re going to find anywhere. But cross us and that’s that. We are enemies for life. Ask Kelvin MacKenzie, Margaret Thatcher or Boris Johnson.

“These two Americans tried to capitalise on our goodwill and our unswerving love for this club. But they underestimated us and badly underestimated our love for Rafa. The moment they admitted they had been plotting to oust Benitez, they may have well started saddling the horses.

“That’s it. They are finished here. The fans despise them as passionately as we have any rival. At the moment, it’s worse. If they had a shred of commonsense, they would take the money on offer from Dubai Investment Capital and gallop out of town.”

The paper goes on to report some of the chanting that took place during the match.

“There were the usual witty banners. ‘If it ain’t broke don’t Hicks it,’ carried more weight, but no less support than ‘Yanks out’. But the winner on the night had to be ‘One DIC is better than two’.

Later the Kop rose as one: ‘They don’t care about Rafa, they don’t care about fans, Liverpool Football Club is in the wrong hands.’ The song continued for 10 minutes.

There was then a salutation of Benitez before the favoured ditty of the evening was unveiled.

‘Get out of our club, get out of our club, you lying b******s, get out of our club.’ “

But will Gillett and Hicks be moved by the actions of a few thousand Liverpool fans? After all, the Glazers have been subjected to protests at Old Trafford for some time and it’s not deterred them from continuing their involvement with the club.

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