Hicks will plow Liverpool profits into American franchises

the Independent is today running a story that in a US magazine interview, co-owner Tom Hicks claims that he’ll plow and Liverpool profits into US sports franchises:

“People are worried that I might take money away from the [Texas] Rangers [Hicks’ baseball franchise] to go to Liverpool,” Hicks said. ” But it is just the reverse. Liverpool is going to throw off lots of extra money which, if I choose to, I can use for the Rangers or the [Dallas] Stars [ice hockey team].”

Indie journo Ian Herbert claims that:

“The interview was broadcast six months ago and Hicks’ words were clearly aimed at pacifying American fans, but they will dismay Liverpool supporters, who turned out in numbers last night to voice distaste for the Americans, who seem almost certain to restructure their debt through a new £350m arrangement before any deal with DIC.”

Now even though this is very decrepit, months old information – it isn’t the best thing to hear from your ne’er-do-well owner now is it?

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