Lord of the Ferg sticks up for his Liverpool rival

The Daily Mail reports that the Lord of the Ferg’s cold heart has thawed at the thought of Liverpool’s sadistic slavedrivers American paymaster’s having their way with poor Rafa Benitez. The Fergster said of the Klinsmann malarkey:

“That was a bad piece of business on Liverpool’s part. That sort of thing can be very upsetting for a manager.

“As a manager, there are quite a few moments in every week when you’re on your own and people don’t want to knock on your door because they think you’re busy all the time, but you can be sitting there twiddling your thumbs.

“You can fill your time by phoning other managers and doing other things, but there’s a lot of time spent on your own and, in moments like that, Rafa must feel very alone.

“How you react depends on what kind of person you are and Rafa seems a stubborn character who can put aside emotion, whereas Martin Jol seemed to be more affected by it when a similar thing happened to him at Spurs.

“I’ve been very fortunate at United because I have had good directors, people like Bobby Charlton and Martin Edwards, who always supported me very well. At big clubs, it is paramount that the board shows their class.”

Fergie-Ferg then went on to say how Liverpool need to emulate Arsenal & Man Utd’s close-knit unity, saying:

“Twenty years ago, Liverpool were a closely knit and well-run club and, when Peter Robinson was the secretary, a tightly run ship.

“Obviously results matter and they matter to me and they also matter to the likes of Arsene Wenger. But Wenger had great support from David Dein at Arsenal and I’ve had great support, too, ever since I came here.

“So there is unity there. You should allow a manager to get on with his job.”

Wow, Sir Alex sticking up for the Liverpool manager? Surely testament to Gillett and Hicks boundless gittishness.

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