Christopher Samba, the bravest man in the Premier League?

Hailed by all and sundry as one of the best buys in the history of football (ok, that is possibly a tad over the top), Blackburn Rovers defender was actually considering leaving the UK because of homesickness and a primal fear of rotten Lancastrian weather.

Thankfully, faced with cowering in fear and loneliness under his urine-soaked duvet cover or coming out fighting, Samba chose the latter. The Samb-meister said:

“I just remember the storms were so bad, the roof was falling down, and all the electricity went off; there was no light in the room; no TV – nothing,” said the giant defender.

“It was freezing cold and all I wanted to do was go home, because I’d had enough.

“The training had been going well so I was surprised when they asked me to play a game with the reserves at the end of the week.

“At first, I said I didn’t want to do that, because I felt they had already seen what I could do.

“But my agent convinced me to stay and play in the game and now, obviously, after the way things have worked out, I am glad I did.”

Christopher Samba, we salute you for weathering the storm.

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