Real Madrid on course to find the new Messi

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What FC Barcelona can do, Real Madrid can do better. That’s the theme in this report that focuses on Real Madrid’s search of the globe for the new Lionel Messi.

Julen Lopetegui is the chief international talent scout for los Merengues and he is a buoyant and optimistic mood when speaking about the chance of discovering another Messi. Although Lopetegui acknowledges that talent and potential in Spain’s youngsters, he says that they have to look afar to unearth Messi-like players.

Lopetegui remarks:

Our youth teams are very good and have various stars coming up. There will be some surprises in four years time. Brazil exports around 500 professional footballers every year. You can find some marvelous surprises that nobody has heard of. They are different, not better. Their style is wilder and has to be polished. They are very technical and they can perfect the rest, like in Africa. Our job is to find the unpolished ones. We study the players that we have been told about first and we watched them. We do not just go to a country blind and have a look about. Our aim is to familiarise ourselves before they become known and the price goes up.

Actually Real Madrid do not have a boast a great history of young players of late but yes, they have produces some fascinating players in the recent past, such as Iker Casillas, Raul and Guti. But the director of Real Madrid’s director of the international scouting system is right in one thing: that for a club as big as Real Madrid, they have the ability to seduce foreign young players to the academy. After all, which promising young footballer wouldn’t like to feature for the biggest and most successful club in the world?

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