Sir Alex relieved at Scholes return

The legendary number 18 for Manchester United is set to return from a three month long injury this weekend, as the Red Devils attempt to face and shun the Tottenham Hotspurs in the FA Cup. Whilst Manchester United are sitting on top the table, it is believed that Paul Scholes will, in fact, raise the standards at Old Trafford. Scholes, who is turning 34 this year, is apparently, going to shift the Manchester United side to undeniable glory – or atleast Sir Alex thinks that.

Sir Alex Ferguson, whilst calmly sipping on a bottle of Scotch, said:

“I am more confident now Scholes is coming back,” said the United boss. “He brings a bit of class at important times in matches. That’s what Scholes is probably best at producing, moments that turn games.

“It’s a big bonus for us having him back. Scholes’ great asset down the years has been appearing in the box late,” added Fergie of the player who has made 548 appearances for the club.

“The number of goals he has scored for us from midfield is unique. His other big assets are his passing, his composure and his thinking during a game. At 33, I regard him just as highly as I did when he was 23.

“Players like Scholes and Ryan Giggs… look after themselves, give themselves extra years,” added Fergie. “Look at Giggs. He’s flying this season. Giggs came on at Reading and the stats show he made 45 sprints in the second half. That’s incredible for a player of his age.

What I’ve come to realise with these two players is I can no longer see an end to their careers. In fact, I don’t expect to see an end! There must come a day when it will end. But the way it’s looking now, I can’t see that end coming. I think I’ll be away from the club before they will.

“Bearing in mind their longevity, they must be the best two players I’ve had. Giggs has been here since the age of 13 and Scholes is the same. They have both been here as long as I have.”

Manchester United are flying high, but surely they can’t go higher. Scholes, as good as he was, is not the Scholes we all remember. Nearing his 400th appearance for Manchester United, we think, that this should be his final year. Hopefully, unlike Teddy Sherringham, Paul will take such wise advice.

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