Shearer says no to #2 Toon role, but may yet say yes to something else…

The BBC, Alan Shearer’s current employers, report that the former Newcastle and England man with the fierce shot and craptastic goal celebration has turned down the assistant manager post at Keegan’s Newcastle.
Keegan revealed that the two had a mammoth chin wagging session, saying:

“I had four hours in his company. We had an excellent meeting.

“We talked in detail about this club – I know all his views on it now, he knows all mine.

“It was great to see him again because I haven’t really been in contact with Alan for a year, and I think we both missed that.

“Alan doesn’t come in here (to the training ground), he doesn’t come in and around this place, and I would like to encourage the old players to come back.

“I used to get them all coming back at Manchester City.

“If Alan comes it will be a role that’s worthwhile, or he will say, ‘No, not at the moment’ because like we both said, if it is not worthwhile, let’s not do it.

“That’s where we are with it.”

So if Shearer won’t take the assistant job, what role will he take?

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