English, English and only English for Rafael Benitez

Communication is a very, very vital aspect of football and language is the most important communication tool. Well, every Tom, Dick and Harry knows that but Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez is bent on making a point on this. The Daily Mail reports that the Liverpool gaffer is so strict about his foreign players speaking in English that he fines them should they speak in their mother tongues.

The reports states that Rafa imposes fines on players who do not speak in English. Rafa also communicates to his Spanish players in English and not in Spanish since he believes that this will help the non-English speaking players learn the language and help themselves settle into the club environment.

Reds striker Fernando Torres says:

There are 12 Spanish speakers but we try not to talk in Spanish because if he catches us, Rafa fines us. He always speaks in English to the Spanish, except when there’s something you don’t understand. At the start itwas difficult. But with every day, I’m getting to know the language and the city better.

Hats off to Rafa. This is really something honestly brilliant on his part.

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