Sunderland boss: Ask me no questions & I’ll tell you no lies

Sunderland gaffer Roy Keane must wake up in the morning frantically hunting for things to make him enraged. And today he is getting pissed off with the fact that too many prospective players ask niggly questions before they sign on the dotted line. What questions you ask? According to the Guardian, Keano said:

“I’ve spoken to one or two players who asked too many questions and I thought ‘no’.”

“One too many ‘who else are we buying?’ I don’t mind if, in general conversation, players ask about the area and schools for their children but a lot just ask too many questions nowadays. When I went to Nottingham Forest and then Manchester United I never asked Brian Clough or Sir Alex Ferguson one question, they told me things.”

In this day and age is it too much to ask what other players a potential club is after? Clearly these questions rile Keano because he doesn’t have adequate answers!

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